Liz Bhandari

Freelance sports journalist
Liz Bhandari

Liz Bhandari

Freelance sports journalist covering American Football for brands and media across the United Kingdom, and elsewhere in Europe.


Liz Bhandari is a Manchester based writer and presenter. She has appeared on BBC Radio One’s News Beat, BBC 5 Live, and Talk Sport. On the brand side, she has worked with major brands from Subway, Papa Johns, Bose, and others.

As well as writing and producing her own show, the Cleats Off podcast, Liz works closely with the team at NFL UK to boost its female fan base by acting as a regular co-host on their Instagram Live show, Her Huddle, alongside Sky Sports presenter Hannah Wilkes, and Ash Hensen.

About Liz Bhandari

Liz is a passionate sports writer and has covered the sport of American Football since 2014. However her journalism journey began much earlier than this. In 2006 when she interned for OS Magazine (the UK’s premier magazine for PAs, office managers, senior and executive secretaries).

A reliable and literate writer, Liz is able to deliver her content in a way that is accessible to as broad an audience as possible, given that there are many types of sport and many types of sports fans. She has up-to-date knowledge of American Football and the ability to write in an easy-to-read style that embraces and informs enthusiasts from any walk of life. 



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