Not your typical networking event…

I’ve never been entirely comfortable with networking events. I don’t know why, but entering a room full of people I don’t know just fills me with dread. I also find them to be stuffy, and uninteresting.

Until now that is – because I’ve discovered two different and exciting networking events.

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FoodNFilm – monthly networking with great people, tasty food and fabulous films.

I found out about this via Twitter, from my old (and still my favourite!) boss when he went to the first event which was a private screening of Lego Batman. The pictures and feedback looked amazing. I instantly felt jealous so I started following the @FoodNFilmUK twitter account and attended their second event showing Logan.

We all met at Hard Rock Café in the Printworks where there were around 51 other networkers. We each had plenty of food before heading over to the cinema where we sat in Premier Seats and had individual bags of popcorn.

The event didn’t just end after the movie like you’d expect, we all headed up to the Gallery where we could help ourselves to soft drinks and nachos. And we carried off talking to one another, generally about what just happened in the movie.

I’ve since been to see Ghost in the Shell with the group. And I am signed up to see the next movie (Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 2. Fancy it? Click here).

What I like most about FoodNFilm is I don’t feel like I’m just networking. I feel like I’m making new friends too!

FreshWalks City – lunchtime group walks around Manchester city centre.

Photo copyright @FreshWalks

I heard about this event from a colleague. FreshWalks has existed since around 2014, but it’s little sister ‘FreshWalks City’ launched more recently.

I went to my first event a couple of weeks ago – a group of us met in Spinningfields before we were taken on a guided tour around Castlefield. After the tour, we headed to Dockyard for a lunch and drinks, now to properly get to know other guests.

I’ve always loved Manchester but working here means I’ve not done much in the way of tourism, simply coming in and out of the city for work or to meet friends for dinner. What was brilliant about the tour was learning so many little things I didn’t already know, but about landmarks I must walk past on a daily basis – it was lovely to learn and hear the great history of the city. I enjoyed it so much, I’m signed up to their next two city tours!

So, if networking isn’t quite your thing – these will be!

If like me traditional networking isn’t your thing but you’d like to meet other people, then get yourself along to one of these events – or better yet, create one of your own and tell us all about it.

Elizabeth Bhandari

Hi! I’m Liz, a 30-something sunset chaser on a journey to self-discovery. I have a passion for writing, a desire to eat amazing food, and a dream to travel the world.

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