Crack the code in the Manchester Relic Hunt at INNSIDE Hotel

Earlier this week I took on the Manchester Relic Hunt at INNSIDE Hotel on First Street with three of my very good friends. Not to brag or anything but we cracked the code with 11 minutes to spare. Go team!

So, what exactly is a Manchester Relic Hunt?

A secret ancient text has been stolen from the depths of the John Rylands library. A cryptologist with a shady past is the number one suspect and they just so happen to be a guest at the hotel.

You gain access to his hotel room and have 45 minutes before he will be returning to the room. He has left his mobile phone on the bedside table, his suitcase and a briefcase – all of which are locked, and you need to access.

I won’t ruin the game for you or give you any clues but what I will say is, don’t overthink it!

Obviously, escape rooms and the likes are a big thing in Manchester but what I felt was unique about this is that it is set in a hotel so is slightly different to the norm. It’s about finding clues rather than getting locked inside a room – which can sometimes be a little claustrophobic.

How much does the Manchester Relic Hunt cost?

You can take a group of up to 4 people and it costs just £20 per person which includes the escape room activity, as well as food and drinks afterwards. We enjoyed a delicious Didsbury Raspberry & Elderflower gin, followed by plate after plate of sharing food.

It’s worth pointing out, some of the escape rooms in Manchester cost £18 without any food or drink, so it’s quite the bargain in my opinion.

In fact, as far as ‘things to do in Manchester’ go, we’d rate this a solid 5 out of 5. It was fun, it was challenging and we were chatting about it for hours afterwards.

Not only would it work between friends but would be a great ice breaker for any conferences, or as a team building activity. So… if you’ve ever thought of yourself as being a brilliant private investigator then this activity is for you!

To book on to the Manchester Relic Hunt at INNSIDE Hotel Manchester, call them on 0161 200 2500 or visit their website at:

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