Grand Pacific x Belvedere

Last night, I was invited to attend an exclusive ‘Grand Pacific x Belvedere’ event which consisted of evening of cocktail masterclasses and dining by the team at Grand Pacific – and what an evening it was!

Firstly, there are many things I love about Grand Pacific… the interiors, the food, the cocktails!

The bar and restaurant is set in a stunning grade II listed building has been transformed to create an elegant yet comfortable and relaxing dining experience. Best of all, it still incorporates some of its original features to create a classic and traditional interior. Amongst this includes palm trees and a 24-seat Long Bar. Their look is truly stunning and is inspired by South-East Asia.

They offer all day dining that blends flavours from exotic places with English classics, with items on the menu such as Thai Fishcakes and King Prawn Cocktails,

The cocktails are my No.1 reason behind my love for Grand Pacific. My personal favourite is The Grand Pornstar, closely followed by the Smokey Old Fashioned.

Grand Pacific x Belvedere

The masterclass was run by the national brand ambassador from Belvedere. He took us through the history of its premium vodka, difference tasting notes before we had the opportunity to shake up a delicious Belvedere Peach Sour.

For those who don’t know about how it is made or its history, Belvedere Vodka is proudly made in Poland. It uses premium Dankowskie Rye from the Mazovian plains of Poland and artesian water from its own wells. Dankowskie Rye is a resilient grain that withstands harsh Polish winters to build Belvedere Vodka’s distinctive flavour and character.

It is crafted in a distillery that was established in 1910 called Polmos Zyrardów, which is located in the heart of central Poland. With one of the world’s most strict production regulations, there can be no shortcuts in making Polish Vodka. Every step of production must occur on Polish soil with locally-sourced raw ingredients and have zero additives in accordance with “Polska Vodka” geographical indication requirements.

Belvedere, which means “beautiful to see” is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, which adorns every bottle as a reminder of the brand’s heritage.

Private dining at Grand Pacific

After our masterclass, we were then led to the opulent private dining room ‘Rose Room’ for a delicious three course meal.

Our set menu for the evening

Now, the tartare is something I would never order myself. Nor is it something I will order again but taste wise it was good. It’s the texture that I can’t handle. The main course however was incredible, so full of flavour.

The verdict…

My experience here was a good one, the staff can’t do enough for you, the drinks and food are great. I genuinely look forward to going back.

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