Understanding empowerment

Over the past few years, in fact probably more recently than ever, I’ve been on a path of learning who exactly I am. This year I turn 33 and I’m still learning new things all the time.

I have decided to take my blog down a new path, as I felt there hasn’t been a theme. As of now, my blog will focus on ’empowerment’. Gaining freedom and the power to do what you want.

Why empowerment?

The reason I decided to follow this theme because in the past, I was easily influenced and struggled to have my own mind.

The person I am now compared to the person I was 10 years ago is entirely different. From the doormat I was, I’m now to be fiercely independent. I know my own mind, and my confidence grows each day. I’m even learning how to deal with things like anxiety and depression.

Overall, the aim of my blog is to share my journey so far on learning how to empower myself, as well as share tips and guidance on how you can feel empowered too.

What is empowerment?

Of course, I could choose to roll out the dictionary statement but I don’t want to do that. Why? Because I love that so many people have a different perception of what ‘empowerment’ means, and I want to share that here.

I asked on Twitter, what my followers thought empowerment is, here is what was shared with me:
“The feeling of being able to make your own mistakes/choices without any external pressures influencing your mind” – Grant
• “The art of trust. Trusting myself fully, regardless of any external anxiety. Knowing that I can and will catch myself if I fall. That to me makes me feel unstoppable” – Joely

Got your own interpretation? Share is below in the comments block.

Until next time…

Inspired. Empowered. Unstoppable.

Elizabeth Bhandari

Hi! I’m Liz, a 30-something sunset chaser on a journey to self-discovery. I have a passion for writing, a desire to eat amazing food, and a dream to travel the world.

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