Introducing the King Street Festival (Manchester’s most iconic and historic street)

As we landed back from our trip to the South of France, we discovered the King Street Festival (Manchester’s most iconic and historic street) had started and so cleared our Sunday so we could go check it out. After all, King Street is Manchester’s most iconic and historic street.

In true Manchester style, it rained but that certainly didn’t stop anyone from enjoying live music, alfresco dining or lawn games. I couldn’t wait to see the incredible displays created as part of the Manchester Flower Show (which is where I also met Freddie’s Flowers).

Below are some of images I took during our adventure at the King Street Festival (Manchester’s most iconic and historic street). Enjoy!

King Street Festival

We started at the bottom half of King Street (where House of Fraser sits) and slowly made our way up. There was a flower stand with garden plants and more that you could purchase, and it was here that we came across the beautiful floral display on the Castle Fine Art gallery window.

As we headed further in we discovered the incredible vendors with their ice cream vans, coffee shops and more.

There were also a couple of musicians entertaining the crowds, and not once did our Manchester rain put a damper on their moment.

Manchester Flower Show

We then reached the second half of Manchester’s King Street which is where the floral theme really begun to stand out. From window displays, to fashion catwalks and charities showcasing their beautiful work – it was truly a sight to see.

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