One pure moment – we don’t deserve these animals

Earlier today I was scrolling through photographs on my phone when I came across these images from June 2015. It was one ‘pure’ moment that made me realise we don’t deserve these animals.

It was just another day at the office

I’d been in Chester for work, and when I go back to the car at the end of that day the wind took my car door hitting the car next to me.

Fair enough, the lady inside was angry which I can understand but when I tried to apologise she told me I’d done it on purpose. I’ve never faced confrontation like it and I just couldn’t believe how horrible she was being to me. We checked her car was ok which thankfully it was, so I got in my car and left.

As I was driving away with the aim of heading back home in Manchester, I couldn’t stop replaying the situation in my mind. I could just feel my emotions getting more and more pent up and begin to boil. The safest thing for me to do at that point was to pull in to the service station, where I found a space and began to uncontrollably and hysterically cry.

Nature truly has its way

As I was having my little cry, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a small bird bouncing along the curb. Suddenly, he/she flew up on to my wing mirror. It stayed there for a little while, almost checking that I was ok. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

It’s a moment I never forget. I very much believe in reincarnation and I’ll always wonder if it was my Grandma (from my Mum’s side), or my Grandad (from my Dad’s side) staying with me in that moment. All I know, is that I was a mess and this totally changed that.

One pure moment.

Elizabeth Bhandari

Hi! I’m Liz, a 30-something sunset chaser on a journey to self-discovery. I have a passion for writing, a desire to eat amazing food, and a dream to travel the world.

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